Canadian Landscapes

From the vastness of lakes and rivers to sunsets over rolling farm fields with cows to pasture. Albert Chiarandini captures both small town charm and stunning landscapes through out rural Ontario, Canada.

Italian Landscapes

With oil paint and brush Chiarandini takes the beauty of the Italian country side, the power of its Alps, and the ancient allure of its villages, and puts them to canvas.

Self Portraits

Showing you the many facets of his personality, from powerfully intense to passionate and humorous, Chiarandini shares with you his self portraits.  


Portraying people in their environment, observing their instincts,  mannerisms and lifestyles, Chiarandini painted to depict the diversity of the human condition, and capture the integrity of the human spirit.

Still Life

Chiarandini plays with colour and light to reflect the beauty of still life subjects.  Capturing the natural beauty of a garden of wild flowers or a bowl of fruit. 


Chiarandini puts the truths of his political and social views to canvas with complex artistic compositions.