Albert  CHIARANDINI - "Painting The Way" a glimpse into the distinguished life  and artistic practice of the renowned Italian - Canadian painter.  March  10, 2018 until April 20th, 2018; Newmarket Old Town Hall, 460 Botsford  Street, Newmarket Ontario.  Opening reception on Sunday March 18th from 2 - 4:30pm  Curated by Logan  Bales. The opening reception will include ... "Albert Chiarandini - Passion Meets Paintbrush". A presentation by Dr.  Steeve Chwojko and Curator/Art Historian Ewa Chwojko, on March 18th at  the exhibition opening (short version). Full presentation on Friday  April 13th at 7pm. Free Admission.   

"Summer of Love" - CHIARANDINI's Yorkville Hippie portraits at the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery, October 2017.

 CHIARANDINI - 100 YEARS:  Carrier Gallery, Toronto. February 4 until March 7, 2016;   Reception February 6th at 6:30 pm
Gallery open Saturday March 5th from 10am until 3pm

 This, the largest exhibitions of Chiarandini's work, will be a  culmination of the 5 exhibits held in 2015 which will include all of the  paintings from these shows.

 A music recital by the world renown Flautist Luisa Sello who will play a  composition by the composer Dr. Steeve Chwojko written in honour of  Albert.

 This will be followed by a short presentation on Chiarandini by Ewa and Steeve Chwojko.

 There will be a launch of the book "Passion Meets Paintbrush" by  Professors Olga Pugliese and Anna Pia De Luca and Art Historian and  Curator Ewa Chwojko.

Please view these short video clips on YouTube about Chiarandini Hippie portraits and his Canadian landscapes ...



CHIARANDINI'S CANADA - September 18th - October 16th 2015, Udine Italy  In celebration of Chiarandini’s 100th Birthday, 30 of his paintings will  be travelling to Udine, Italy, the city of his birth for an exhibition  at the Palazzo D’Aronco, Salone del Popolo.

 Opening Ceremony September 18th @ 5:30pm. This will include a short  presentation on Chiarandini by Curator and Art Historian Ewa Chwojko  & Dr. Steeve Chwojko. The debut of a piece of music honouring  Chiarandini written by Dr. Steeve Chwojko.

    Closing Ceremony October 16th, 2015 @ 12:30pm - World  reknowned  flutist, Luisa Sello will be performing the debut of piece of music  composed by Dr. Steeve Chwojko as a tribute to Chiarandini.

 Book  Launch: Written by Professor Olga Pugliese, University of Toronto;  Professor Anna Pia DeLuca, University of Udine; Ewa Chwojko Art  Historian and Curator of the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery.


CHIARANDINI AND THE GROUP OF SEVEN: August 23rd - October 25th  2015  Along with the works of  his teachers John Alfsen, Frederick Challener  and some members of the Group of Seven in a retrospective in celebration  of Chiarandini’s 100th birthday.

Show opening August 23rd at the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery in Sutton, Ontario.


June 13 - 20 2015 at Gallery Gevik, 12 Hazelton Lane, Toronto.

CHIARANDINI’S YORKVILLE HIPPIE PAINTINGS are now in the permanent  collections of the Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery, the Joseph D.  Carrier Art Gallery, the Market Gallery, and the University of Ottawa,  as well as in private hands. They will be brought together for the first  time for an exhibition at GALLERY GEVIK, to pay tribute to this  underground culture from Toronto’s past.  The exhibition will capture  the energy and vibrancy of the hippie movement, which, during the 1960s,  converted thousands of young people to the cult of peace, love,  freedom, and happiness!

Saturday June 13, 1 - 5pm
Musicians from the 60's will perform live:
Keith McKie (Kensington Market)
Dede Higgins
Klaas Van Graft
Stan Endersby (The Tripp)
Sebastian Agnello (Lords of London)

Sunday June 14, 1 - 5pm
Yorkville iconic band
Luke & The Apostles


ALBERT CHIARANDINI: BEYOND THE POSE  This portrait exhibit will be on display from June 1st to August 14th  2015 in the main hall of the Vaughan City Hall. The  show opening will  be held on Monday June 1, 2015 from 12-2 pm, in conjunction with the  Flag Raising Ceremony for Italian Heritage Month at the City of Vaughan  Civic Centre at the outside court yard.


Join us on  June 14, 2013, at the Joseph D. Carrier Art  Gallery for an animated presentation on the Canadian/Italian artist  Albert Chiarandini in partnership with the Georgina Arts Centre &  Gallery.

A Presentation by EWA CHWOJKO, art historian and  STEEVE CHWOJKO, composer/music historian  

Enjoy Chiarandini’s captivating art, as well as the works of the  masters he most admired, Titian, Monet, and Cézanne. Hear stories  behind his paintings and listen to the music he loved.  

A presentation with stunning animated images – slide show,  videos, music you can hum to, music to intrigue you, and of course  Italian grand opera!

Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery
Columbus Centre
901 Lawrence Ave. W.,
North York, M6A 1C3

 Admission: $10 per person Light snacks provided ...  Pre-register today!
Call 416-789-7011 Ext. 245


Prof. Olga Zorzi Pugliese (U of T), will be  delivering a paper titled "Albert (Umberto) Chiarandini (Udine  1915-Toronto 2007): An Italian Canadian, Canadian or International  Artist?", at the 14th Biennial Conference of the Association of Italian  Canadian Writers, on the theme "Back to the Future: Possibilities Since  Pier 21", to be held at Dalhousie University in Halifax, N.S., March  23-25, 2012.


Lectures for the International Conference of the  Canadian Cultural Centre, at the University of Udine, Italy. The theme   will address "The Canadian Cultural Mosaic as Metaphor: Representations  and Transformations of Literary, Musical, Visual and Decorative Art  Forms in Canada". Udine, Italy, April 27-29 2011. Guest speaker Heather  Fullerton, Executive Director (Georgina Art Centre and Gallery, Sutton,  Ontario), will discuss the works of Albert Chiarandini with an art  exhibit to coincide with the lecture.


Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, Columbus Centre, 901  Lawrence Avenue West, Toronto Tuesday, March 29, 2011 6:30 to 10:00 p.m. Opening remarks at 7:30 p.m.  For one night only, experience a stunning exhibition featuring over  fifty iconic works from the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, along  with works by some of Canada’s finest  contemporary Canadian artists of  Italian heritage, at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery. This special  exhibition will explore works by the G


"Lady in Blue and Works From The Permanent Collection" at the Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery, Sutton, Ontario. July 29th to September 2nd 2018. Curator's Talk with special guest Tom Zsolt and Joan Chiarandini Tadier at 2pm, Sunday August 19th, 2018.



  • Concordia University, Montreal Quebec, "Canadian and  Italian Politics in the Paintings of Albert Chiarandini delivered by  Professor Olga Zorzi Pugliese, May 29, 2010(University of Toronto).
  • Aurora Cultural Centre,  “Albert Chiarandini: York  Region Vistas”,   April 10, 2010 to May 1, 2010, 22 Church Street,  Aurora, Ontario.
  • Georgina Art Centre,“Observations and Viewpoints” Albert Chiarandini, Nov. 14, 2009 to Jan. 24, 2010 
  • “Communities: Italy, Ontario & Quebec” GAC Private Collection - Albert Chiarandini in the Bruce Smith Gallery July 25 to November 1, 2009
  • Professor Olga Zorzi Pugliese (University of  Toronto) will be giving a lecture titled "Personalities, Politics, and  Landscapes of Central Canada in the Painting of Albert Chiarandini  (Udine 1915 - Toronto 2007) O.S.A., F.I.I.A.L." at the University of  Udine (Italy) on October 27, 2009. She has been invited to speak by the  Centre for Canadian Studies in collaboration with the program in  English-language literature and culture at the University of Udine.  Publication of this lecture will be available in the near future. 
  • Gallery Steiner Gallery, Vienna, Austria, Sept. 11  to 15, 2009, as part of the "My Backyard-Ontario and Friends" exhibition  with photographer Gabi von Gans.
  • Varley Art Gallery, Unionville, Ontario "Capturing the Human Spirit" Juried Portrait Exhibition
    Albert's portrait "My Lonely Years" November 25th until January 13th 2008.          
  • “Famee Furlane Toronto 75th Anniversary Celebration” Art Exhibition of Chiarandini's Portraits, as well as Canadian & Italian Landscapes. May 29 – June 2, 2007.          
  • Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery, Sutton, Ontario, “Portraits” GAC Private Collection & Special Guest Artists. August 4 - September 16, 2007. 

  • Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery, Sutton, Ontario,  “Albert and Friends” (Salvatore Gallo & Giuseppe Pivetta) July 19 –  31, 2006
  • Neilson Park Creative Centre, Etobicoke, Ontario "Albert Chiarandini - 90 Years in Retrospect", March 6 - 19, 2006
  • Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery, Sutton, Ontario, “Italy to Canada”, January, 2006
  • Varley Art Gallery, Unionville, Ontario "OSA Exhibition:Portraits - Who and What Are They", Sept. 29 to Nov. 27, 2005
  • Kipling Gallery, “Celebrating the Landscape”, October 27, 2005
  • Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery “Chiarandini; The  Unknown Group of Seven member?”, August 10 – September 4 2005;  http://oaag.org/groupofseven/index.html
  • Georgina Arts Centre and Gallery, Sutton, Ontario, Smith/Chiarandini Permanent Collection, 2004
  • The Kipling Gallery, 2004, “Celebrating the Landscape”
  • The Frederick Horsman Varley Art Gallery of Markham 2000/2001
  • Royal Canadian Academy
  • Ontario Society of Artists
  • The Artists Workshop (1964) Markham, Ontario
  • Eaton's Gallery of Art, Toronto
  • Members Elect Exhibit, Gallery Ustel, O.S.A.
  • Wallack Galleries, Ottawa
  • Art Gallery of Edmonton, 1968
  • Kitchener - Waterloo Art Gallery, 1964
  • Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, tour Toronto, Ontario, St. John's, Newfoundland, Kingston, Ontario, 1963.
  • Art Gallery of Ontario O.S.A., 1938, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1968
  • The Art Gallery of Hamilton , 1952, 1954, 1955, 1957, 1960, 1961
  • Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, B.C., 1957
  • R.C.A., Art Gallery of Ontario, 1948

Chronology of Memberships & Exhibitions 


  • Acceptance in the Ontario Society of Artists . 
  • Exhibit - Ontario Society of Artists at the Art  Gallery of Ontario, in Toronto, in company with the Group of Seven  Artists, etc. 


  • Exhibit in the 69th Annual Exhibition of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.


  • Exhibit at the 5th Annual Winter Exhibition of the Art Gallery of Hamilton .


  • Exhibit at the 6th Annual Winter Exhibition of the Art Gallery of Hamilton.


  • Exhibit at the 7th Annual Winter Exhibition of the Art Gallery of Hamilton.


  • Exhibit at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, British Columbia .
  • Exhibited at 8th. Annual Winter Exhibition of the Art Gallery of Hamilton.


  • Elected as a "Fellow" of the International Insitute of Arts and Letters .
  • Exhibit at the 11th Annual Winter Exhibition of the Art Gallery of Hamilton.


  • Teacher at the Holy Blossom Temple in Toronto .
  • Exhibit at the 12th Annual Winter Exhibition of the Art Gallery of Hamilton.  Portrait published in the catalogue.


  • Item - Globe and Mail, Toronto, Thursday, April 14, 1962 .
  • Exhibit - Annual Exhibition of the Ontario Society of Artists, Art Gallery of Ontario.


  • Exhibit - Annual Exhibition of the Royal Canadian  Academy of Arts.  Portrait published.  Toronto, Ontario, St. John's,  Newfoundland, Kingston, Ontario.


  • Exhibit - 92nd Annual Exhibition of the Ontario  Society of Artists at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.  Portrait  published in catalogue.
  • Exhibit - Portrait for the Ontario Society of Artists shown at the Kitchener - Waterloo Art Gallery.
  • Item in the Globe and Mail, June 1, 1964.


  • Item in the Toronto Daily Star, Saturday, March 12, 1966 .
  • Exhibit at the 94th Annual Exhibition of the Ontario Society of Artists at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto.


  • Item - reproduction in the Telegram in Toronto, April 8, 1967 .
  • Annual Report of the Ontario College of Art - Albert Chiarandini, Instructor - Portrait Painting.


  • Gains full membership in the Ontario Society of Artists of Ontario
  • Exhibit at the 89th Annual Exhibition of the Royal  Canadian Academy of Arts at the Art Gallery of Hamilton and Art Gallery  of Edmonton.


  • Annual Report of the Ontario College of Art - Albert Chiarandini, Instructor - Portrait Painting.


  • Article in The Toronto Telegram, Saturday, March 28, 1970 . Reproduction of the "Forgotten Man" .
  • Commissioned to paint the Portrait of Dr. Bochner for the Scarborough General Hospital in Toronto.


  • Article - Headford News, Thursday, August 5, 1971.


  • Presentation of Painting by Albert Chiarandini to Fergus, Ontario Chamber of Commerce honouring 89th year old Bill Tait.


  • Article - Toronto Calendar Magazine, November 1974 highlighting Toronto Portrait Artists.


  • Letter from Luciano Pavarotti (Modena, Italy) regarding the Canadian Landscape.


  • January 15th. "Incontri" Personal Television interview and showing of paintings.


  • Two paintings acquired by the national Archives of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario .
  • Exhibit - Ontario Society of Artists.  Portrait reproduced in catalogue .


  • OSA Members Exhibition "Into Body - Varley Art Gallery of Markham, Ontario.


  • Exhibited "Celebrating the Landscape" Kipling Gallery, Woodbridge, Ontario.
  • December 6th. unveiling of Smith/Chiarandini, 116 paintings permanent Collection, Georgina Gallery, Sutton, Ontario.
  • Item Georgina Advocate and reproductions December 16th "Priceless Collection puts Gallery on Map".


  • August 4 – Article in Georgina Advocate “Georgina  gets look at fiercely independent artist – Italian native painted with  Group of Seven Members”
  • August 10 - September 4, The Chiarandini Collection  showing in its entirety 116 paintings, as part of the AGO project (Group  of Seven 85th year joint project) Georgina Arts Centre & Gallery,  Sutton, Ontari